We can tailor our plans to ensure you get the funeral you want.

What is a funeral plan?

Funeral plans allow you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance with either a lump sum, in instalments, or with monthly payments. Having a pre-paid funeral helps reduce the stress and financial strain on your loved ones and can lock in the cost of a funeral at today’s price.

A pre-paid funeral plan can be organised directly with a funeral director or a plan provider. You can decide on a specific type of funeral and can sometimes pick what extras you’d like for your funeral, such as the type of service or coffin.

Why use a funeral plan?

Thinking about your funeral might not be your highest priority right now but having something in place can give you peace of mind. After all, it’s one of the only sure things in life – we’re all going to need a funeral one day.

And with the cost of funerals rising each year, it can be useful to think ahead and let your family know that you’ve made a plan. Anything you can do to ease the financial and emotional strain on your family will be a big help at a difficult time.

What do funeral plans cover?

What’s covered in your funeral plan will vary between providers and the different plans they offer. Plans will usually cover a basic funeral, so some extras may need to be paid for on top.

Be sure to check with your provider exactly what it is your plan covers, as this could be a big deciding factor on whether a funeral plan is right for you and indeed which provider you choose.

Funeral plan providers normally offer a range of three or four different plans that start with a basic funeral and get progressively more expensive as more services such as limousines are included in the plan. The key when comparing funeral plans is to spot what services are not mentioned rather than being drawn to the ones that are.

How we can help?

Buying a funeral plan is a big decision; our advisers can help you research each option thoroughly before you commit to a plan. We can help you decide what’s right for you and choose a plan that is both affordable and gives you complete peace of mind.

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