From workplace pensions to personal plans, we can help make sense of your options

What is pension planning?

Pension planning can provide significant benefits in the long-term and good financial advice can help you plan for the retirement you want. Not only can financial advice help you to plan for your future, but it can also help you avoid the many pitfalls when dealing with your finances.

How does pension planning work?

Your pension pot builds up in line with the contributions you make, investment returns and tax relief. The fund is usually invested in stocks and shares, along with other investments, with the aim of growing the fund over the years before you retire. A pension adviser can help you navigate how your pension is invested and work with you to make the most of your money.

How we can help?

We’ve partnered with Imperial Chartered to offer pension planning and investment to our customers. To find out more about pensions and investment call us on 02921 660 550 to find out more about Imperial Chartered click here.