Self-employed? 5 expert tips to help you get a loan

self employed person working

Whatever the reason you're looking for a loan whether it's consolidating debt, buying a car, or refurbishing your property it can often be more stressful for those who are self-employed.

With more and more people deciding to become self-employed we've put together some tips that can help.

Here are five essential tips:

1: Plan in advance and get organised

In these tough times, lenders look for reassurance that freelancers or self-employed workers will be able to continue making payments. In particular, lenders are looking to see how sustainable a business is.

Generally, banks need a minimum of two completed years of trading and tax documents from freelancers. And as anyone with a small business will know, pulling this information together can take a while.  Therefore, it is important that a business shows evidence that the levels of trading are back to pre-COVID-19 levels.

Freelancers might also need to give more information about the nature of their business. To do t